• Department of Commerce Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan

    Human Resource Management                       MA Accounting and Finance 3rd Term


    1. 1.      Introduction to Human Resource Management

    Introduction, Definition, Objectives and Functions of HRM

    1. 2.      Job Analysis and Job Design

    Job Analysis (Introduction, Definition, Objectives, Uses and Process)

    Job Description (Definition, Characteristics)

    Job Specification (Definition, Preparation of Job specification)

    Job Design (Definition and Objectives)

    1. 3.      Recruitment and Selection

    Introduction, Definition, Process, Sources of Recruitment, Selection tests and Interview, Types and Principles of Interview

    1. 4.      Training and Development

    Introduction, Definition, Training, importance and Types of training. Objectives, importance and process of executive development

    1. 5.      Performance appraisal and collective bargaining

    Definition, Introduction and appraisal Methods, Nature Characteristics and Structure of Collective bargaining

    1. 6.      Promotion, Transfer and Separation

    Introduction, Definition, Promotion system, Promotion Methods, Causes of Transfer, Lay off and Recall, Demotion and Discharge.

    Books Recommended:

    1. a.      HRM by Shashi k Gupta and Rosy Joshi
    2. b.      Personnel Management by Edvin B Flippo
    3. c.       Managing People at work by Dale S Beach
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